This is a mind set. It does not have to be just for cave divers or tech divers, any more than good balance skills need only to be taught to martial artists or boxers----we can all benefit by moving better. And Hogarthian, as a concept, is all about moving better. This article is here to help people familiarize themselves with an "idea set" that may one day save their life, and would at the very least, make them a safer and stronger Diver.
We will begin this tour with some photos of the basic configuration. Note this is a set up used for doubles. This does not invalidate the concept for use with a single tank----what it does is show the system taken to the extreme. Later, we will visit the set up for a single tank---one that could be very good for the advanced recreational diver.
Note the long hose wrapped around the neck of this diver. This is his primary reg, and its on a 7 foot hose....if this diver's buddy has an Out Of Air ( or gas) problem, the reg comes out of the mouth in an instant, and it immediately gets shoved into the mouth of the diver in an OOA emergency. The alternate reg from the primary air supply, is held right below the neck--by surgical tubing,, as you can plainly see....This diver will harldly miss a breath before having a reg back in his own mouth.

This view shows where the stage bottles are placed, in easy reach of the diver. If this diver was on a recreational dive, with a single, he would have a pony in the front, and the same rigging concept applied with the short and long hose.
I will be adding a large text based article to this page soon. For now, please visit the following link to Halcyon BC's , where you can see a system for a single tank recreational diver. While the link above is actually a comercial site, its for a product many divers should be exposed to, and few can be with the existing inventories of most dive stores.

To read more about the entire philosophy of this Hogathian system, please click here.