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Gear Training

depth at a set level, even if you are a pound or 2 over or under the perfect weight.

There is also another huge bonus to the "perfect" weighting issue and the perfect trim, if you look at the diver in the photo above ( GUE Instructor Errol Kalayci ..see yellow tank weight assisting optimal trim) , you will see an example of something most recreational divers will "want" to be able to do...Errol is cruising along an

open compartment of the Castor wreck, looking for some of the Goliath Groupers. He is being inconspicuous, and blending in to the wreck as much as possible, to avoid scaring the big Groupers away. As he glides just inches above the silty metal surface you see him over, there is no bumping into the bottom, no fins kicking up silt, no fight to maintain the height over the bottom. To watch him, you would swear there are invisible lines holding him up, as he appears to have absolutely no motion up or down, only forward. Stealthy behavior like this can be fun, and can get you very close to big marine life!

Gear Training