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loftus snorkel wreck
Beyond the Beach..Nudiegirls Episode
2nd Sunday, of the 2nd Coming, of the Goliaths on the Castor
Wednesday night Wreck of the Castor and Goliaths aggregating for Spawn
Goliaths on Castor-10-12-2014
Splashdown Sailfish 1 1
New Friend for Sandra
Force Fin for Vets or others with fused ankles or prosthetics
Project Seahorse the Why
Keylypso and Snorkel Palm Beach with Project Seahorse
BHB snorkelgirl octo hires
Freedive/Snorkeling--Major Gear Advancement!
Lynns life after Paradise --play in 1080p and loud
Paradise in Boynton Beach
Juvenile Batfish at BHB Marine Park
Secrets of Southern Palm Beach ( Underwater Time Travel )
Paradise Lost, Goliaths Found
Scooter Tour of Breakers Reef....One of the best Drift Dive Reefs in the World
Goliath encounter
Very old pre-digital shark video by Jimmy Abernethy
Turtle video off of Breakers from Shearwater trip
The Long Hoped For Replacement for the Dry suit!!!!
6 minute Tour showing WHY most Dive Tourists are "blown away" by Palm Beach Diving
"The DiveShop" Memphis, on Breakers Reef
Day after the Spawn
Palm Beach reefs- South
The Dive Shop on the Mispah Palm Beach
Beyond the BHB...Shore diving the Pumphouse at the South end of Singer Island
Ande Wreck 195 feet deep....Van gets his fish, Finch finds a Mola Mola..John gets to have fun
Search for the Spawn...A Goliath Event
Spinner sharks or Flying with Jim....
One Day of Diving in Palm Beach....
Day 1 Triton Sub Trials...from Race to the Bottom of the Sea project
Anders1 part 2 sub trials
Anders1 and Triton sub....trials
6 minute Tour version of Why Divers prefer Palm Beach
DIR 3 Video
Baitballs going by Resorts on Singer Island....
HOLE in the wall
Goliaths of ZION.. 6min
Goliaths on Zion
Trip to Palm Beach to dive with Goliath Groupers!
Dolphins on Pauls Reef WMV 7 Mbps 1080p
Bottlenose dolphins on Pauls Reef, in Palm Beach
Pauls Reef..South side of Palm Beach Inlet diving
Goliaths of ZION.. 6min
Goliaths on Zion
Trip to Palm Beach to dive with Goliath Groupers!
Dolphins on Pauls Reef WMV 7 Mbps 1080p
Bottlenose dolphins on Pauls Reef, in Palm Beach
Pauls Reef..South side of Palm Beach Inlet diving
Tooka Demo - short
Demo of non-diver using Tooka
Paul's Reef from Canon 5D markII on a Gavin Scooter--Planning a trip? Watch this!
Tour of BHB Marine Park ( the Lembeh Straits of the Western Hemisphere!)
Whaleshark off Palm Beach enjoying interaction w/divers
Whaleshark interacting with Palm Beach divers
Diver with skills that split fins were created for...If you swim like this, GET HELP!
cannon 5d on down juno ledge
5 minutes on Juno Ledge
Frogfish at BHB...walking behavior and something like a belch :-)
Dance of the Flounders
Scuba Lab testing BCD's in Palm Beach, Florida
Evening dive at BHB...with Frogfish :-)
Even on a bad day, diving in Palm Beach is spectacular!
Wreck Dive Playground for GUE Divers in Palm Beach
Saturday DIR/GUE Fundive
GUE & DIR Adventure Dive Sunday ..Juno and Jupiter
Juno Ledge and the Coridor wreck dives of Palm beach
Shark and Wreck dive with Pura Vida Divers in Palm Beach Florida
Tour of Blue Heron Bridge Marine Park
Great skill for u/w photographers..the Reverse Kick !
The structure of Juno Ledge
Best adventure shore dive in Florida....
One of Florida's best shore dives...the Jetty at the Palm Beach inlet..The Pumphouse...
tooka at BHB
Blue Heron Bridge on Scooters and a Manatee