Things to do Things to Do when you are NOT Diving
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Things To Do, Places to GO

 when you are NOT Diving

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Hamburger Heaven

Retro Style Gourmet Hamburgers and other foods at reasonable prices for
 Diver Sensibilities. Also great selection of other Wines and Beers.
1 N Clematis St  *****

Palm Beach
Photographic Centre

One of the best Camera Resources an Underwater Photographer could ever visit. Whether for camera
 advice, tech assistance, Toy Store enjoyment, or  for buying gear. 
 If this is of major interest to you, then
 the top Underwater Housing destination in the Southern US is 45 minutes away at 

Reef Photo and Video

2303 N Andrews Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33311(954)37-0644 WebsiteDirections
      415 Clematis St  *****

Pizza Girls

The Pizza is great, the shop is unique and fun.
114 S Clematis St  ****

Rocco's Tacos & Tequilla Bar

One of the more famous local "creations", this place has a key role in the
 Clematis Street Experience.
224 Clematis St  *****

Don Ramon

Cuban Food and South Florida go hand
in hand, and Don Ramon is something of an Icon in the genre of Cuban food.
300 Clematis St   1
Roxy's Pub 

Roxy's Pub

You could say it's an Irish Pub, but it is much more...including a Rooftop Club. This is one spot we would
suggest you just try on our word for it, and then offer a review of it later on Facebook....
maybe we can use your Review!
309 Clematis St  ****
ER Bradley's Saloon

E. R. Bradley's Saloon

Right on the Waterfront, comfortable atmosphere, nice place to relax.
104 S Clematis St  
10 @ 2 Saloon and Dueling Piano Bar 309 Clematis St  
Longboards 519 Clematis St  
Paris Bakery & Café 212 S Olive Ave  
Pistache Restaurant 101 N Clematis St  
The Wine Dive 319 Clematis St  
Bistro Ten Zero One 1001 Okeechobee Blvd  
Feelgoods Rock Bar & Grill 219 Clematis St  
Field of Greens 412 Clematis St  
Fuku 215 Clematis St  
Grimaldi's Pizzeria 1 N Clematis St  
Habatat Gallery 539 Clematis St  
Irie Island Cuisine 106 N Olive Ave  
Kabuki Sushi Thai 308 Clematis St  
Kravis Center for the Performing Arts 701 Okeechobee Blvd  
Legacy Fine Art Gallery 410 Evernia St  
Leila Restaurant 120 S Dixie Hwy  
Lost Weekend  221 Clematis St  
Morton's of Chicago Steakhouse 777 S Flagler Dr  
Nico's Pizza 301 Clematis St  
Off the Hookah 314 Clematis St  
Palm Beach Opera 415 S Olive Ave  
Phillips Point Club 777 S Flagler Dr  
Pizza Luna LLC 205 Clematis St  
Respectables Street Cafe 518 Clematis St  
Rome Nightclub 309 Clematis St  
Sky309 309 Clematis St  
The Backyard Bar 213 S Rosemary Ave  
Tin Fish 118 S Clematis St  
Bar Louie 200/204 Clematis St  
Tina's Cafe 215 N Olive Ave  
Barrel & Grain 125 Datura St  
Café Toria 410 Evernia St  
Cabana Nuevo Latino 533 Clematis St  
Duffy's 225 Clematis Street  
GoFroYo 107 N Olive Ave  
Greaseburgers Beer & Whiskey Bar 213 Clematis St  
Historical Society of PBC 300 N Dixie Hwy  
Hot Pie Pizza  123 S Olive Ave  
Hullabaloo 517 Clematis St  
O'Shea's Irish Pub 531 Clematis St  
Palm Beach Café 206 S Olive Ave  
Palm Beach Dramaworks Inc 201 Clematis St  
Palm Sugar 340 Clematis St  
The Blind Monk 410 Evernia St  
World of Beer 101 N Clematis St  
Yankee Dogs 540 Clematis St  
Café Sweets Bakery 505 Clematis St  
Nature's Way 105 S Narcissus Ave  
Les Rendevous 221 Datura Street   
Dunkin' Donuts 407 Clematis Street