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The Tooka...for non-divers!

Introducing an amazingly relaxing and easy way for Non-Divers to gain an Underwater Experience, without the challenges of heavy tanks on their backs, or the breathing issues snorkels can present to non-divers.

As divers, most of us have many friends or family members we would love to “share” our underwater experiences with...And many of these people we care about, actually have great interest in the photos we show, or the videos....but it all often breaks down when you try to get them in the water.

We know that tanks don’t need to weigh anything in the water with a BC on, but the non-divers do not necessarily “believe” this. Many are convinced the tanks will sink them right to the bottom, and the very thought of this is terrifying. In all fairness, buoyancy skills are rarely well developed in divers with even a whole year of diving under their belt, so concern about this in a typical Resort Course scuba experience is not so surprising.

With the Tooka, their is no need to learn any buoyancy techniques. A regulator goes in the non-diver’s mouth, and they need to be able to breathe out of it. That is pretty much the big skill to learn, with exhaling required on ascent. The experience is calm and easy, with some visual based euphoria :-)

An instructor puts just enough weight on the non-diver for them to be able to swim down with a small effort. If they stop swimming, they will slowly float upward. If they really want to go down to the bottom from 6 feet to 15 feet below them, they can swim down to it, breathing effortlessly the whole way, and with the instructor beside them. The hoses allow from one to 3 divers ( at the discretion of the instructor) to dive up to 15 feet deep, and the hoses limit how far each diver can move away from the others, massively simplifying the close grouping safest


for everyone. The Tooka is easier to pull through the water than a BC with a tank, but this whole Tooka experience is “Service Oriented”, so the instructor does most of the work the tooka user would otherwise be doing. This can mean the instructor actually towing the Tooka, leaving the Tooka Divers with the same drag of a swimmer with fins and mask on.

The Blue Heron Bridge Marine Park is the primary location of Tooka Diving in South Florida right now, due to several factors : shallow 6 to 15 foot diving with marine life people fly here to see from all over the world; it is a beach dive with easy parking; The Marriott  Resort & Spa  on Singer Island assists with many extra amenities and even shuttles guests to the BHB for the Tooka experience. Email with any questions on Tooka or to arrange a Tooka Experience!

The Big Question: “What can a Diver offer to non

Tooka Diving


Tooka Diving Tooka Diving