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This is about YOU being able to get the special Package Deals SFDJ has negotiated with the best area enjoy the Best Dive Resort experience possible. possible.

Examples of the benefits of logging in:

  • 1. Much lower prices when reserving  hotel rooms for divers with SFDJ log-in ID
  • 2. All perks we are currently offering  will be immediately offered to you, such as:
    • a. Any "special" boat or hotel deals
    • b. Better fill discounts for air, Nitrox or trimix
    • Shuttle Van availability which is most likely when we have a large number of SFDJ registered Hotel guests in a given week.
    • d. High likelihood of getting you diving with other divers with exactly the same diving interest you have ****Should be the most important perk..see Specific Interest Dive Group article
    • e. Planning tools and Groups Calendar system to help you find the best times to find what you want on a Palm Beach Dive Trip
  • 3. If you are a Scubaboard member, we can alert you when there are several other Scubaboard members in town diving during your trip here
  • 5. Opportunity to be notified and involved in Free Gear Demos, free DIR Dive Experience and Training demos
  • 6. Help us create a larger lobby for Palm Beach Diving which we can leverage with County Tourism to push for better State and local protections for the Palm Beach Reef system.

Beyond being an Underwater Adventure Magazine, SFDJ  is the collaborative infrastructure of the best Dive Operators and best Hotels for diving in Palm Beach county Florida..SFDJ is the system the hotels and boats are using to connect with traveling and local divers, and if you don't login each time you visit, the boats and hotels won't be able to offer you the best deals and ideas we have come up with.

Gear Training

Gear and Training for Specific Dives.. about getting the maximum enjoyment out of your diving. In South Florida, we have some fairly unique conditions have dives that can be incredibly easy on a diver, and we have dives that can be among the most challenging you can find anywhere in the world. Fortunately, the easy sites stay pretty easy all the time, but the techniques to handling South Florida conditions are good for everyone. First gear consideration here, should be buoyancy and trim. You don't want lots of extra weight on your body, forcing you to run lots of air into your BC. This practice, while typical at many resort areas, creates issues when

Gear Training

the diver wants to STOP in the mild drift current, and be able to do so easily. If you are wearing the minimum weight you need to be neutral at the end of your dive, then the air in your BC should not be creating a huge pufferfish effect on your BC. The water flowing by you will not have so much "grip" on you---grip that can pull a "pufferfish-like" diver along, while his or her streamlined dive buddies have had no problem stopping at a cool wreck loaded with Goliath Groupers, such as on the dive site pictured here. This wreck, the Castor, sits in the Boynton/DelRay area at about 114 feet deep, but comes up to around 70 feet deep at the top. Divers can have a spectacular treat here, but the