SFDJ gives scientific views about search for spawn
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"Search for the Spawn"... An Overview. Video on Next Page 

The footage you are about to see was shot late at night during the Full Moon. No scientist had ever witnessed a spawning of Goliath Groupers, and the love play of these huge fish was all based on conjecture and speculations. The scientists were not even sure when such an event would occur. They knew the aggregations were part of this, but they were far from really understanding many key issues about how these fish reproduce. In a world where the fishing groups are already lobbying for new seasons for harvesting Goliath Groupers, this was science that had to catch up Fast. Also crucial was dealing with the beliefs by fisherman that the Goliaths were eating the fish they wanted to catch, or competing with target species for food.

“ Marine Biologist Dr. Sarah Frias Torres, from Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA), in Fort Pierce, Florida, has completed a ground breaking scientific paper which categorically dispels the myths regarding what Goliath Groupers eat. The paper has been accepted for publication at the prestigious scientific journal Oryx: the International Journal of Conservation. When the paper is published, and the journal embargo policy is removed, the findings of the paper can be published in the media, including diving and fishing magazines.
We, at South Florida Dive Journal, believe that this article and the science it showcases, will help fishermen to understand that Goliaths are not impacting on species targeted by fisheries. This will be of monumental importance in improving fisheries management and conservation activities.

Our choice of day and time was a result of great study by Dr Torres, in catching an event which would potentially happen only one time a year. The Boat was the Shearwater. Owned and operated by Jim Abernethy, this liveaboard vessel was ideal in handling the needs of a 24 hour event watch such as this, with multiple dive teams taking turns in the water.

Dr Torres believed this evening of the full moon, would be the one shot we would have. In the video you will see the scene unfolding around midnight, around 100 feet deep, with enormous currents well over 3 mph. All divers were exceptionally experienced, yet the current was so extreme many had to find large structure to get behind, and attempt to stay in the lee of the current for the duration of their dive…The Goliaths were going crazy, rushing all around, covered by huge swarms of baitfish, these being chased by huge schools of Jacks. Dr Torres was kind enough to offer some notes on the video, which you can use in watching the video: