Reinvention of the Dive Resort
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The Reinvention of the Dive Resort

The Dive Resort was a creation, borne out of the essential needs of a traveling, adventure seeking diver. From the days of James BOND, THUNDERBALL, Sea Hunt with Lloyd Bridges, and the Underwater World of Jacques Yves Cousteau, an unprecedented interest in underwater adventure began. In the early days of diving, the needs were simple. Divers needed a hotel close to where they would be diving and they needed to be able to get air for their tanks or be able to rent tanks from the operation. All that mattered then was the adventure for the diver.
Today, the emerging Dive Resorts are not only showcasing the numerous possibilities of adventure for the diver but also on the "what to do when you are not diving" part of the stay. In the early days of diving, if a diver was to bring a non-diving spouse or kids, there was literally nothing for them to enjoy. Today, Dive Resorts have kids activities, spas, numerous water sports options, and complimentary shuttle vans to take guests around the area attractions and malls. The adventure and the basic diver needs are still the hotel's primary focus but they are incorporating the "added benefits" mentioned above as divers are now, more than ever, traveling with their families (non divers). The full impact of all this is simply : ""the needs and interests of the diver are now equally as important as the needs of the non-divers." Today, a Dive Resort needs access to great outside dining, various forms of entertainment and shopping, and it needs to have world class diving. With the needs of today in mind, a complete Reinvention of the Dive Resort has occurred in Palm Beach County Florida. With some of the best diving in the hemisphere, Palm Beach County has been known for great diving since the 60's, but their focus, until recently, has been marketing their World class Dining, Golf, Shopping and the spectacular Entertainment Districts.

The Reinvention of the Dive Resort The formula for the reinvention:

3 Primary Dive Resort Hotels: Hilton Oceanfront Singer Island, Marriott Delray Beach, Jupiter Beach Resort ...Spectacular world class diving.
World class accommodations.

  • Dive groups assemble for breakfast, and are seated at tables near other divers, and offered a diver-specific menu and timing which will assure they will be finished with breakfast in plenty of time to make the morning dive trip.
  • As breakfast ends, shuttle busses are ready and waiting for the dive groups in need of them. Most of the boats are close, so transportation is quick and easy.
  • The Dive operator gets everyone loaded onto the boat, and begins the briefing for the morning's dive. By the time the boat is out of the no-wake zone and getting up to speed in the inlet, the group knows everything they need to about the adventure they are about to enjoy.
  • Divers receive whatever help they require in gearing up by the staff of the boat, and on entry into the water, they follow a dive guide if they choose, or head off on their own if they prefer. This is a place where very advanced divers enjoy diving as well, so the choice is available for guided or unguided.
  • Beverages and snacks are freely offered to all divers. If you have a special low sugar high quality electrolyte style sports drink, you can bring it and keep it in the boat's cooler.
  • After 2 tanks of diving, the boat heads back to the dock. It is either lunch time at the Hotel, or time to grab a quick bite
The Reinvention of the Dive Resort

and get ready for the afternoon 2 tank dive. The hotel can send you out in the morning with a packed lunch, so your dining will be 1st class, and fast at the same time :-)

  • Each Dive Resort Hotel has one or more Full Service Dive Shops within minutes of the Hotel. Several options exist to make it easy for you to visit the dive shop of your choice.
  • Each Dive Resort offers Fully Commissionable Group Rates to Dive Shops and Dive Travel Agencies. Group deals for divers are excellent in Palm Beach! Just make sure you specify you want the SF Dive Group Rate ( or SF Dive Individual Rate if your group is less than 6 rooms per night). The SF Dive represents a the best rate possible, thanks to the involvement of the Palm Beach Dive Association. 
  • Dinner with other dive groups is an option, or dinner with just your own party--your choice. If you chose dinner with the other dive groups, then photos and videos of the day would be expected to be shown after dinner in a special diver area the hotel has set aside near the lounge and overlooking the beach and ocean.
  • Where things get really different is if you DON'T WANT to hang out with the other divers, but prefer to do something special with your non-diving family or friends. There is Elegant Dining available right at the hotel, or spectacular choices available any where from walking distance, to 10 minutes away in the Entertainment Districts near each of the Dive Resort Hotels.
  • Also different..while you were diving, there were so many options available for your non-diving friends and family that they probably had a hard time deciding which activities to try first. Try looking here :
  • City Place ( Around 10 minutes from Hilton Singer Island)
  • Atlantic Ave Delray Beach
  • Clematis Street Downtown West Palm... ( Around 10 minutes from Hilton Singer Island)
  • Entertainment District in Jupiter.