Table of Contents... Finding Your Dive Issue
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Table of Contents... Finding Your Dive Issue

“Finding your Dive Issue”

South Florida Dive Journal

  • Diving in "YOUR" Zone…Find the parts of the Palm Beach reefs that you like the most….this series breaks Palm Beach diving down into 5 distinct Zones, and forms a great way for the boats to be able to get more divers on the specific environments the divers are most excited about.
  • The Inshore Ledge… This is a look at the differences occurring over more than 30 miles of Inshore ledge, and a great way to help you decide on future dives.
  • The Reef Crown… Maximum colors, huge bottom-time potential with depths as shallow as 37 feet, great place to find turtles, lobster, and lots more!
  • Divers asked to Join fight to save Jewfish…Are we looking at a return to the foolish fishery management practices of the 50's and 60's ? Interviews with some old timers who watched this the first time…
  • The Offshore Ledge…Deeper, intersected by pelagics, and very different from the Inshore ledges.
  • Inshore and offshore Rubble Zones and Patch reefs… This is a very different kind of diving, one typically enjoyed mostly by a small number of locals…This Zone has its own story-line for divers…it's called "The Hunt for Macro Monsters"!
  • Gear and Training for specific dives…Dealing specifically with the skills and optimal gear configurations with the dives in the "Interest Series" we will be creating… Such as what are some of the best ways to prepare for a dive in the fingers of Boynton, looking for Batfish, Lionfish, Frogfish, Flying Gunards, Cobia, etc…
  • Why YOU need to dive with other divers with similar interests to your own...This is related to the multi-part series on finding the perfect dive for YOU on any given day. Specifically, it covers how you can turn diving into your favorite way of some people can change their lives forever, for the better. This project will make it much easier to find MANY people you will want to dive with every week, and hang out with as well.
  • Lion Fish Derby...They are on our reefs, even into the juvenile nurseries within the inlets. They are eating up the fish you want to see on the reefs, and there is no "effective" predation upon them at this time. The concept of the Fishing Derby joined with some good restaurants, could actually make a real difference in the future. Find out how this could affect you.
  • Diving Interest Groups and using this service to enjoy diving MORE in South Florida...Let's say you like one category out of maybe 30 we have—you like finding Nudibranchs. You put your name on our Nudibranch interest group list, and the days of the week or month that you would normally want to dive, along with any special exclusions ( eg, if you avoid seas over 3 feet, or avoidance begins at 5 to 6 feet, etc…or you can't dive mornings, or when the Superbowl is on…etc.)…